Excerpt from East

Excerpt   East By Peri Hoskins § Leaving he bonnet in front of me is big and white. Rain on the windscreen – the wipers sweep it away. The clouds are grey, the road is grey, the suburbs are grey and I am leaving. There is joy in that. I’m leaving it behind – a life – small, petty, viciously circular. Out in front is the road and I don’t know where it will end. I am free. I’m almost young. A beginning. Renewal pu
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Excerpt from Millennium

Excerpt Millennium—A Memoir By Peri Hoskins he next day I leave Sykes deep in the pit of his septic tank with Maka, his Tongan labourer, and walk off to the International Hotel for a swim. Big signs along the waterfront tell me Tonga will be first to see in the new millennium. Tongans are slowly at work with hammers and saws making wooden stages. I take the stone steps up and into the International Hotel. A placid To
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