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Millennium – A MemoirCover - Millennium by Peri Hoskins

It’s December 1999, the cusp of a new millennium. The tiny Pacific Kingdom of Tonga will be first in the world to usher it in. We travel there with our narrator to see the sun set on the old and the dawn rise on the new. We discover much more.

In a time and place of old customs we see the gentle advance of the new. This Pacific paradise is home to a diverse group of human beings at this unique time. Our journey with our narrator through many human exchanges – quirky, funny, and sad – accompanied by quotes from Hindu scripture echoes through the millennia and asks us what it is to be human in these dark times.

This book constantly entertains and delves beneath a fascinating surface to examine the quality of our age.

Millennium – A Memoir is a novella-sized slice of life travelogue of about 25,000 words. In capturing the time and the place this book evokes the work of Ernest Hemingway.

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Coming soon — East

East is a travelogue novel in the tradition of Jack Kerouac’s On the Road. It is a road odyssey that takes in Australia – the beautiful, the ugly and the in between. It is 1994. Our junior lawyer narrator leaves behind a small, mean and viciously circular life representing petty criminals and takes to the road. He has lived thirty years. The wide continent of Australia is out in front.

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